Thursday , February 22 2018
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Marketing Automation The Next Big Thing of Digital Branding

Marketing Automation is continually receiving intense popularity among the digital marketing specialists, since it’s seemingly to be the new big tools to go crazy about. In recent years, market experts and sales giants, altogether have been searching passionately for new handy tools that may fit into their bookmark tab in the browsers. At last, the wait is over and marketing automation offers us the better adequacy, better insight and a whole bunch of new possibilities. Today, we’re going to earn some ideas concerning this new technology.

marketing automation

Before getting the main point, we want to assert something alarming. With the invention of this new tools, our attention to get something significant in digital arena, is getting fractured. We’re now more dependent on automation system, whereas lots of essential data and business tools are kept idle here and there. We’ve to be careful of those fragmentation and apprehend their importance in large scale. Just imagine the success rate if we can utilize those pieces with our on-going methodology.

What is Marketing Automation?

Google’s search record shows the rise of search traffic regarding the phrase “Marketing Automation” has lifted more than 40% since October, 2014. The interest rate is flourishing epidemically and if aren’t among these user’s, ask yourself “Why?” And that is because you might not have severe idea of what market automation is all about. Marketing automaton actually is a technology which permits sales and marketing departments of any company to create, initiate and automate any internet marketing campaigns, offers, sales activities to expand profit and boost up productivity.

The uphold definition is more like a basic information. In simplified version, marketing automation refers to a set of tools created to streamline and ease way most of the time killing jobs of latest marketing responsibilities. Whether it’s a process of lead generating or creating hub for online campaign, market automation is meant to simplify the business world which is pretending to be more complex too quickly.

Who uses Marketing Automation tools?

marketing automation tools

Be careful of the overall concept and don’t think automation is just for big companies with huge brand reputation. It’s true that giant business houses have impressionable value in tech world, however, small/mid-sized business enterprises are the largest growing sector right now. And plenty of smaller companies are employing automation process at the same manner. It doesn’t matter what the field is or which business industry an agency belongs, automation marketing software is admired everywhere now by sincere business owners. The initial users were B2B companies including, software, high tech and business services. But the situation is changing rather drastically and companies of all sectors like B2C industries together with financial services, healthcare, retailing, entertainment sector are implementing marketing automation services for real.

Features of Marketing Automation Process

Being a new-age tool, marketing automation service consists of several wonderful features. By going through the components, you shall grasp the whole ring of automation marketing platform.

  • Campaign Management
  • Prediction and Scoring
  • Social Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Landing pages and forms
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Lead Management
  • Marketing Analytics

Today, we just provided the overall concept of marketing automation. Simply contemplate the paragraph, “Who uses Marketing Automation tools” again and you would easily understand why it’s going to be the next big thing of digital marketing. More details regarding this topic is coming soon. Stay with us.

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