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Guideline of How to start blogging journey using WordPress

Let us greet you to our most promising guide on establishing a blog. So, how to start blogging, right? I must admit that you’ve arrived at the right place, since we’re going to describe the whole procedure through basic 5 steps. To be frank, most of the time I face question like how to start a blog, blogging for business and most of all, blogging using WordPress, how to start a blog on WordPress and more. So, we’ve decided to take all these questions seriously and deliver a profound article on, how to start your blogging.You’d realize a great number of market experts, whose blog traffic ranges from 10,000 to 1000000 visits/month. Believe it or not, they haven’t earned this overnight. You’ve to remain concerned about that matter and realize how tough it is to start blogging especially at the initial phases. We’ll be considering WordPress as our CMS, because it’s the most perfect Content Management System for starting a blog.


Talking about myself, when I published my WordPress blog, I simply didn’t have any idea on how to start blogging. WordPress seems simple now as bunch of expertise’s are available here and there. But, I didn’t know how to manage this Content Management System at my time. I used to spend a lots of hours in figuring out making a blog post more interesting, for what now I’d proffer a brief discussion on blogging using WordPress.

How to Start Blogging? A Basic Guideline

Doubtlessly, blogging is about to be the trendiest platform for sharing daily activities. With a solid online presence, a blogger can introduce himself, share his knowledge and interested topic, make money and even provide guideline like us. Since, people are thriving to start blogging and eagerly waiting to know how to start blogging, we’d like to introduce you to the following 5 points regarding where to start.

Consider WordPress for sure

It’s show time and make up your mind. You’ve to choose the perfect platform as a blog builder where you’ll set your blogging site up. Being a newcomer, it’d be quite troubling for you to do this using HTML, CSS and pure code. And never think of Tumblr. Because they don’t provide you the full ownership.

We highly suggest you to start a blog using WordPress. It’s one of the most extensively used Content Management System for initiating a blog site. The interface is far more straightforward now and the procedure of editing, publish are easily manageable. Moreover, you can offer distinctive look in a way you’d love, by using a great number of plugins and templates.

Perfect WordPress Hosting

It’s the 2nd step of your guide on how to start blogging. Downloading WordPress is literally free. But you’ve to pay some bills for the hosting service. It means the cost for publishing your blog on World Wide Web. As a personal blog, you don’t have to pay more than $7/month for web hosting on average. You’d get packages for $10/month and $3/month, which are not genuinely cogent in our concern.

Now look deep through the hosting performance. It indicates the page loading time of your website. In general perspective, that loading time greatly influences your visitor’s mindset whether they would come back or not. Not only that, your search engine ranking might get affected, since search engine spiders index the websites which come with smoother performance. On that note, you can search how expert bloggers are enhancing their hosting performance. Several paid and non-paid WordPress plugins are also available to facilitate you with such services.

Install WordPress Core

Now you’re prepared to go in development procedure to start blogging. At first, you’ve to install WordPress on your hosting account. It may seem little difficult for new comers since that process procures task like unzipping package, creating user and database, uploading WP files, running WordPress installation scripts and renaming Wp-Config-Sample.php files.

But that long term approach has changed radically and 90% web hosts now come with 1-click WordPress installer with web host packages likewise SimpleScripts by BlueHost, QuickInstall by HostGator and more. You just need to click few buttons with those tools and continue to start a blog on WordPress platform in a hassle free manner.

Don’t forget the WP themes and plugins

In order to expand the functionality of core installation, you also have to install suitable plugins. Varied range of WordPress plugins are available for various purpose like WP Super Cache (Shortens Web Page Loading Time), WordPress SEO Yoast (Better Search Engine Optimization), WP Security (Protect the Blog Site) and so on. To run a personal blog, these above mentioned 3 plugins are quite enough to maintain for basic situation. You can install many more plugins too according to your requirements like social plugin, contact form plugin, gallery plugin etc. But don’t install too many of them, which will put badass impact on your blog site. 5 to 7 plugins are ample to start blogging.

wordpress plugin

It’s time now to choose theme for your site. WordPress come with built-in themes which are fully reconcilable with the system. Sadly, those themes are already implemented by millions of blogger and using one of them won’t provide any uniqueness to your site. In that case, you must choose a theme manually (paid or non-paid) that offers eye-catchy look and competent formation. Plenty of places are out there offering themes for WP blogging site like Ink Themes, Template Monster, Elegant Themes, Mojo-Themes etc.

Maintain regularity

That’s the last phase of our “how to start blogging” guideline. Since you’re all set to start you blog, remember that you can’t do this haphazardly. Most of all, content in the king of your blog site. The information you’re going to put through your writing, has to be 100% plagiarism free and rich in information. Be cautious regarding the fact that search engine never values plagiarized article and so do audiences. Go for the contemporary topic and write thoroughly. It’ll grant reader’s attention and seek more traffic for your blog. Place main keyword into the title, sub-heading as well as in the content as 2% rate of total word count. It’s a solid method for better SEO ranking.

So, you do know now how to start blogging in WordPress. We’ll back with some solid information about fundamental WP themes and plugins. Stay put and write to us in case of any question of confusion.

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