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Choosing platform for your next project PHP vs

PHP and are two of the most widely used programming language at this time. Many of the programmers often debate about the effectivity of this two language while developing any application or website. Let us embrace you to the ultimate battle of PHP vs We’ll look over the detailed overview of PHP and differently at first. And then there will come comparison regarding their performance, cost and speed eventually, from where you can decide which one to choose for your next project, PHP vs


Along the contrast between these two languages, you’d get brief ideas about PHP website development, web application development, ASP programming, developers, performance, PHP Programming and more. Let’s get started with the overview first.

Overview of PHP

Hypertext Preprocessor, the full form of PHP which is largely acknowledged as scripting tool too. Due to the straightforward schooling arch and huge developer community, PHP has earned sheer popularity over the internet. According to a recent research, PHP is implemented for more than 240 million websites. WordPress and Facebook, two of the most major sites written in PHP.

Overview of is a simplified scripting tool evolved by Microsoft for buildings web applications as well as web pages. Apparently, it’s the successor of another platform ASP (Active Server Page), developed by Microsoft itself in mid-90s. is immensely popular among .NET programmers as it can be coded using any .NET supported language. Internet Explorer, the early addition of Microsoft’s web browser is also responsible for huge popularity MySpace, are two of the dominant websites developed by programming.

PHP vs, Detail Comparison



In one hand, we’ve PHP, the most dominant scripting language with thousands of dedicated programmers and millions of fans on the internet. On the contrary, is backed by mighty Microsoft that can employ any .NET supported language. So, which one is better? The following observation will include

  • Expense
  • Speed
  • Platform compatibility
  • Developer’s community
  • Scalability

Let’s not waste any more word and get started with the discrimination.

Expense or Cost

Pricing is the very first factor while choosing platform between PHP and In terms of cost, there is huge discrimination actually. PHP is 100% free, whereas requires elementary and underway costs for tasks like debugging and maintenance. Not only that, ASP Libraries as further addition comes with a great price tag. PHP runs on Linux web hosting and backed by a great number of paid or free IDE (Integrated Development Environment). need Windows hosting, which’s price is quite same likely to the Linux hosting. But you have to spend few hundred bucks to upgrade your ASP developed site into a professional one.


When speed is the main concern, PHP is much faster than Any application that has to perform numerous queries or needs to be intermittently accessed, PHP, being a scripting language, shall be the most definite choice. Nevertheless, may seem little slower to perform, but ensures top-notch security for complex integrates application or system.

Platform Compatibility

PHP is the most versatile scripting language that can run on platforms including Windows IIS and Linux Apache. On the other hand,, the developed version of ASP, has been able to operate on other platforms. So, in order to enjoy utmost platform compatibility, the choice should be PHP.

Developers Community

Fortunately, PHP has reasonably massive programmer’s community who remains active all the time in dispatching bugs and re-building supplementary PHP libraries. And PHP developers have been contributing to a large number of open source projects. In opposite, developer’s community is not neither as popular nor as active.


In the clash of PHP vs, both of them will go head to head. Think Facebook, world’s 2nd most densely trafficked social media website was primitively built in PHP, where MySpace was built in and deposed by Facebook as the world’s cherished social website. This fact indicated both PHP and are extremely scalable.

Well, in terms of the conflict between PHP and, we can easily apprehend the winner. Now, for any complex web application that requires peerless security, must be the prior choice for then.

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