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9 checklists for your blog that you shouldn’t do

Blogging is definitely one of the trendiest means to make some money through online. We’ve talked about this enough in our previous post Blogging for Business and benefits of blogging as well. Fortunately, we discussed only what to do to start blog posting as a brand new approach of internet business. For what, today we’ve come up with what not to do. That’s right, you shall keep your head and blogging out of those activities.

Just think about all the hard work and effort you put while writing a quality blog. That labor deserves something rewarding, doesn’t it? But to be very frank, only writing a quality web content doesn’t necessarily mean you’re finished. The presentation of anypost contains more than 40% of that blog. We’re going to present a check list of 09 things that you shall avoid.

Just get rid of these mistakes or behavior before hitting the “Publish” button and you’re ready to go.

1. Confusing/Boring Title

Confusing Title

Are you cautious about the fact that, your titles or headlines of blog posts are about to appear in many place??? Audiences tend to visit a web page and go through it top to bottom by checking out the title first. Your initial intention should be making the title as interesting and catchy as possible, so that the traffic drives into your content without putting any alternate thought.

Guess a title, “How to Get Rid of Baldness”. The title is specific, but isn’t it boring? Why don’t you make it like, “Getting Bald? Step Away from it with 5 Quick Tricks”. Now title is specific, interesting and entertaining. Headlines shall be ultra-specific and unique, such as:

3 Most Amazing SEO Tools for Business Development (Specific)

4 Confidential Tricks to Establish Brand Loyalty (Ultra-Specific)

Careful!! Avoid These Mistakes of Brand Marketing (Interesting & Unique)

The so-called advertising wizard in modern world, David Ogilvy said….. considering the importance of catchy title.

David Ogilvy

“On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar”

How to Make Catchy Headlines

how to write catchy headlines

There are number of things to be overlooked before publishing content. We’re about to provide the 5 most important ones.

 a. Use Numbers

The time of coming with plain headlines is so gone. People now love to check out content with obscure headlines number like 17, 23, 37 etc. But there are absolutely to solid proof that numbers will always work. Nevertheless, people love to remember any blog post or content with numbers.

 b. Use Attractive Adjective

Attach a compelling adjective before the keyword to drive your audience into the whole post. For instance:

   Looking for a Web Developer? 9 Exquisite Skills to Consider Must

You can also check out the following words:

  1. Fun
  2. Free
  3. Essential
  4. Strange
  5. Effortless
  6. Incredible

c.Use W/H words

Mostly used W/H words are:

  • Why
  • How
  • What
  • When

To be frank, these are the trigger words and don’t afraid to using them as firmly as you want. Either you use one of these trigger words or number. People will go through it for sure. For instance:

        What’s the Story behind Growth Hacking?

d. Say Something Logical

If you’re about to give some tips, tricks or sorting out mistakes, use unique rationales likewise:

  • Facts
  • Principles
  • Reasons
  • Tricks
  • Ways
  • Secrets

Consider the following title as an example:

        Snap the Finest Way to Gain Success with SMM

e. Make Promise of relevant content

Always give audience something new to read about. And don’t forget to put that in the headline. Make sure you exhibit a promising article through your title such as:

        The Best Features of Mobile Advertising You Didn’t Realize

Apparently the whole content is filled with some of the finest and most uncommon features regarding mobile advertising.

 f. Try this Formula

Here is simple formula that you can apply while writing an interesting title.

Title = Trigger Words + Adjective + Keyword + Promising word

Are you familiar with any other formula? Please let me know through the following comment box.

For the sake of article, you can alter the design of title. But make sure your headline is teemed with all of these criteria’s.

     8 Secrets behind the Success of Startups Business that You Should Know

I hope you guys have apprehended the fact, it takes something more than a good content and good design, which is interesting headlines.

  2. Inconsistency

The term “Inconsistency” is put here to notify several issues. But first of all, you must grasp that consistency is the key to your professional blog. The more your blog remains steady, the more your readers will be attracted to go through it. Just make sure the following things:

Maintain a solid headline and keyword format and ensure all your blog posts are published in the same manner

Check the word count and be specific on that. Try to keep all your contents same size regarding the amount of total words

Be profound on your blog schedule. Keep a solid time gap and maintain it as much as possible.

How to Maintain Consistency

Entrepreneur and analytics expert Neil Patel says……

Neil Patel

“If you want to continually grow your blog, you need to learn to blog on a consistent basis”

And the quote indicates how blogging should be maintained with consistency by working and learning step by step. Don’t hesitate to share and let people know what this famous content marketer says about blogging.

As a matter of fact, consistency is plays one of the prime roles to make a blog successful. However, people tend to believe that success can be acquired pretty easily blogging, which is completely WRONG!! Despite the fact that blog is not just about posting contents after every 2 days. It also refers to the look, appearance and overall terminology. In a short time, I am going to present the finest ways to maintain a blog’s consistency.

 a. Figure out a Realistic frequency

What are the perfect times to post a blog? Figure that out first and then measure, how often you’ll publish article. No matter how small or large the contents are, start now. Try to post two or three contents each week and not more than that.

It’s better to have quite a few quality blogs rather than some useful waste of time.

 b. Hire a blog administrator

blog administrator

If you’re going all alone and thriving for solid outcome, you’re on false track. Hire someone who would look after your blog all the time and he or she will be responsible for everything happening in online. Otherwise you’ll find yourself all stressed-up in the middle of a chaos.

 c. Make an Editorial Calendar

Keep everything organized and it’ll save plenty of time of your working hours. Of course you ought to make it after setting up a profound goal.

 d. After post editorial guideline

Set up a web page that provides all the information regarding any blog post you’re expecting and your writers need to know about that. It’s better to keep all those things together in a page than receiving email, phone call for information every day from your writers.

 e. Schedule writers job

It’s better to have 3 to 4 writers for a professional blog. Schedule their job for each week and make them submit their article within due date.

 f. Offer specific and useful information

Make sure you provide valuable information and give the readers something new to learn and apply. First of all come up with an exciting title and then insert precious information into that. I personally liked the followed post:

              Do’s and Don’ts of Web Development

 g. Keep back up articles in queue

Even though you’ve a solid plan, writer’s schedule, editorial calendar, it’s better to have to backup articles in case of any emergency. It’ll give you some extra confidence for sure.

 h. Set up a series of posts

Basically, guidelines should be posted in a series. As example:

          A Definitive Guide to Lead Generation (Part 1)

          A Definitive Guide to Lead Generation (Part 2)

That way your readers won’t feel bored at all and admire your continuous effort to let them learn something new.

If you’ve any confusions or I skipped any vital step regarding interlinking old post, put it in the comment box.

 3. Not Linking Old Posts

It’s quite a common mistake to be very frank. You see I’ve linked some of our previous posts and there are several solid reasons behind that move. The reasons are:

  • Those links helped me to support my fact
  • Links drive traffics to those previous blog posts and increase their viewing number
  • Targeted post with a valuable keyword that I’m looking forward to rank.
  • Links are undoubtedly the best method to redirect Google spiders in your blog site.

Change your mindset now. Just because you’ve already posted a content, doesn’t essentially mean that you’ve gone past it or the post became useless or pointless. Each post of your site is vital and they need to be kept rolling again and again. Remember, with each link, your old blog posts get a new life.

What are the Benefits of Interlinking in Blog?


There’re some exclusive benefits of interlinking previous posts in blog. Let’s check them out and start making some solid move.

  • Helps in Indexing
  • Audience will Spend More Times on Blog
  • Better Bounce Rate
  • Increased Visitors Number
  • Better Chance to Rank

How to do effective Interlinking?

Make the best use of an article with solid and relevant keyword while interlinking.

Don’t inter-link every other posts that can end up in irritating users. Go only for the relevant blog post with keyword that you’ve looking forward to rank in Google Search Engine. Most of all, don’t overwhelm any blog post with excessive number of interlinking.

Add 2 links of an old post of same category. First one at the 1st para of your current content and another one at the concluding para.

Don’t be over smart and act so much with links. Otherwise you’ll lose your old and loyal audience with potential customer.

If your blog site is based on WordPress, then don’t hesitate to use a plugin named, WordPress Plugin Insight in order to make quick interlinks depending on keywords.

4. Never Linking other Blogs/Famous Blogs


It’s another old job mistakes conducted by maximum blog owners, or more specifically, startup blogs. If you check out some of our old post of that blog, you’d fortunately find the same mistakes. We admit it and now regret it also. If you seriously want your blog to be seen by plenty of audience, don’t turn your back of linking other blogs or famous marketer’s blogs.

It’s also rather efficient to put some of their valuable quotes in blog and you can notice it at the top of this current content thus to make to more lucrative in every one’s perspective.

What are the values of linking others blogs?

Famous Canadian Song Writer Neil Young, once said…few words about blogging and he meant the issue of linking other blogs.

Neil Young

“There is some blogging jerk out there who feels he can generalize his way to validity”

The benefits of linking famous bloggers blog or competitive bloggers blog are given as follows:

 a. Draw More Traffics into the Conversation

By linking your competitor blogs or famous blogs, you invite people to discuss the topic and invite them to your open discussion. It allows you to listen others thought, ideas about your blog and trade concepts with them. Not only that, this approach will let you to know something more that you didn’t recognize before and make strong relationships with the experts.

 b. Give Credits where Needed

If you find something new, not on your won, and put it in your blog, don’t forget to give credibility of the source. You shall link that blog or blogger which the most appropriate means on the web.

 c. Get Authority Juice

Inbound links are always important for search engine ranking. And so does the outbound links actually, if you wish to get some authority juice from your hard labor.

5. Making Excessively Long Content


Most probably I’m making the same mistake here, but of course for some valid reason. Never make your post larger than 800 words. Audience tend to avoid any normal blog post which is TOO BIG and they simply DON’T WANT TO READ. The more simplified and specific you blog post is, the more it becomes audience oriented. So, go with the motto, Less is More!

Think yourself as a usual reader. Will you read any normal post with huge word count? Of course not, if it’s not about something valuable or not presented precisely.

Solution of this problem:

If you’ve got to make a long post and it crosses 800 words limit, there are several options available apparently. I would like to present them in following lines and hope you’d apply your web content in that manner. You should:

 a. Break the Post

Divide the whole post into 2 or more parts, as we did in our definitive guide to lead generation. That post is still on process and several versions are on its way.

b. Use Alternative Blog

You can put the detail information of that content in a normal blog and the summery in the professional blog. Then interlink the normal blog’s URL in the corresponding post of your professional blog. That way you can make the best use of Google Spider bot as well as give people option to know more. It’s like you’re putting a formula in your professional blog and the whole description in normal web page.

6. Plagiarism


This is the most disgusting mistake can ever be done by any blog authority. A blog owner must remain strict and show exemplary intuition to devoid plagiarism from his/her professional blog. Copying or plagiarism leads to,

  • Ruin Professional Reputation
  • Penalty by Google
  • Decrease Blog Page Rank
  • Recognize as a non0informative and copybook Blog

It’s true that consistency is the most important thing to run a successful blog, but those contents have to be unique and informative in character as well. You may find it difficult sometimes to maintain sheer consistency in your blog, but never compromise with the plagiarism. It’ll totally destroy your blogs reputation.

Why does it happen?

Well, writers can’t supply same quality content every time. And there is a major issue that every writers have to go through after a certain period of time consequently. It’s known as “Writers Block”. On that situation, content writers or content developers are unable to provide unique content that ends up plagiarizing other blogs.

Solution of Plagiarism

It’s true that bloggers are need of tons of brand new ideas and they can’t simply generate it wherever they want. But as a blog owner you must maintain the following steps:

Give time to writers to deliver quality content

Keep backup content for the time when writers are in “Writers Block”.

Don’t put too much pressure on writing.

Never compromise with plagiarism ever.

Remember, there is no faster way than plagiarism to kill your blog and professional reputation. Several online plagiarism checker and software’s are available now, for example:

Some online plagiarism checking sites and tools:

Just stay out of any sort of minor or major plagiarism and you’re good to go with your blog all the way. Oh…well, if I missed any important one, put it in the comment box.

7. Never Inviting Visitors to Take Action

Take Action

If you go through famous and professional blogs like Mashable, Inc., Hubspot, Business Insider etc. you’d realize the importance of inviting visitors to take action. A post without any comment or social share is like a house without any people. Since the house will be mentioned as abandoned house, the blog will be considered as an unfaithful and creepy one as well.

May be you’ve just launch you blog and don’t expect comments from viewers. But if you follow the above mentioned steps point to point, comments will eventually come and your confidence level will boost up automatically.

Whether you’re writing on a common issue or a controversially complex issue, there are always something that a reader wants to say. Influence him to put his opinion and share the knowledge as much as he is capable of.

Why you’re not being able to influence them?

  1. You don’t do it to other blogs
  2. You’re too scared to ask
  3. You don’t put valuable information
  4. You talk too much about product or service
  5. You think yourself as the only reader

Entice them and stop annoying your audience. Remember, good comments proof that your post is valuable and people will love to share it. It’s a social proof. Don’t hesitate to invite your visitors to take some action, NEVER!!

 8. Writing about Irrelevant Topic


Promising about a certain type of content and providing another type, is a curse you know. It’s quite simple. Your posts and blog will fall flat at the end, if you can’t write something that your visitors do care about.

It’s also quite identical if you write about a certain topic that your competitors have already written about. Then you ought to make a great writing job. For example:

If you’d like to write something about copy writing, you shall make it better than Copyblogger or any other copy writing related websites.

Looking forward to write about social media activities? Then follow Mashable and make your post good to read compared to them.

When SEO is your writing topic, make it as informative as SEOmoz has already done.

Don’t take it otherwise. Whenever you’re writing something, make sure you do the best from all. Though it requires a lot of work and hard labor, but in the end, the result or impression tastes sweet.

 9. Giving up so easily


It’s the last but not least topic of our checklists. Blogging is really a tough job. If you really wish to make a professional blog in order to make some money as well as enhance your online reputation, make sure you come up with a plan both mentally and financially. Without a solid plan, you’d fed up on your work and blame the whole blogging task,

It seriously requires plenty of working hours. So, be generous and make your mind whether you really want it or not. Because, if you start it, you can’t give up.

Be kind to your friend-followers by sharing this valuable post of 9 checklists for your blog that you shouldn’t do. We believe we’ve tried our best to seek out information regarding effective blogging and its mistakes.

Tell us how you feel. If you’re about to start blogging business, don’t ever hesitate to knock us for assistance. We’ll love to help you.

Subscribe us to get notification for this kind of priceless post. Comment below and share your opinion. We urge your highest gratitude.

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