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Challenges of Preparing Professional Twitter Bio

A Few months back, that bio thing hit my mind and I did take this quite seriously to be honest. It’s surely a big risk to take, so I’ll try to be discrete at each point as much as possible, since you ought to take care of everything within 160 characters. You’re about to face a few distinctive challenges of preparing professional Twitter bio.

Let’s take a deep breath and go through the challenges of creating Twitter bio for business.

  1. Accommodate only 160 Characters

At a glance, that character number may seem a pretty agonizing factor. Though it’s the very first challenge of writing a professional bio, but believe me guys, it doesn’t really matter. That amount of character is more than enough to tell the world how awesome you’re, how amazing your life is and you love Indian food.


Preparing Professional Twitter Bio


  2. Try to be certain, rather than Exceptional

If you certainly go through a few dozen Bio sample, like John Shahidi, Donald Miller, and many more, you’d get a bunch of fuel proof ideas on the trend of creating amusing bio. If you don’t want to go with the flow or looking forward for a quite simple one, then it’d be best to use bio generator. Plenty of automated bio generator for twitter is available online and some of the eyefuls likewise,

You can easily get a whole bunch of canned description from these. Tell us how it goes. By the way, sometimes simplistic bio can bring maximum output.


  3. Appear in Search Result

When you put the name of someone famous in Google, the Search Engine will bring results out and show everything from that person’s Twitter bio. Bio or description is one of the most visible things on internet that exhibit your personality.


  4. Visitors might anticipate you as a Fraud

I brought up this part because a little research has been done lately regarding the fake profiles in Twitter. According to a recent article in Business Insider, 5% of the Twitter ‘Users’ Are Fake and based on another report by NBC News, 1 in 10 Twitter accounts is fake.

That’s why you should think something outbox. If you go with the massive flow of normal Twitter users, people might mark your profile as fake one. Don’t take the pressure. Think something of your own while thinking of how to create a Bio.


  5.  Want to Be Funny? Don’t be, if you can’t

Humor is the best thing to attract mass audience. And some people are gifted with that by nature. For instance, look out the following Twitter bio examples. You can start with a little funny talks. You might be a serious person. But don’t make it excessive, for what people find your profile dull and boring. Make it interesting with a touch of comedy. Bio samples:

Preparing Professional Twitter Bio


   6. Showing Creativity is Tough

Being creative while preparing professional Twitter bio is really tough and requires plenty of willpower. If your willpower is high enough to come up with an innovative Twitter bio, then sarcasm increases creativity for both expresses and recipients.


  7. Self-promotion is not that easy

You’re urged to sell yourself on Twitter. That move might induce you to feel a bit arrogant, narcissistic, or whatever, selfish. But it’s your professional bio. You’re supposed to write about yourself, what you do and what you tend to achieve. I think that’s OK.

Don’t expect everybody to admire your description. If your profile shows significance and bring something beneficiary, people wit still stick with it regardless of how crappy or how cute your bio is.



Challenges are complete. Now it’s time for the basic ingredients to acquire success. Do check our upcoming post where you’d know how to make Twitter bio as well as methods of preparing professional twitter bio.

Most of all, don’t forget to share and let people be familiar with the conceptual challenges and help them to overcome those problems. Leave your comment below and don’t step back, if you’ve face any other challenges other than these.

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