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How to Grow your Instagram Followers: 8 Simple Steps

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks, or more specifically the most popular photo sharing network. But it’s only amusing when you get other people following you. Probably, you’ve just signed up and it’s quite likely to not getting many follower at this time. However, there are some straightforward and non-spammy techniques by which you can grow your Instagram followers rapidly. The following strategies of getting more Instagram followers may appear a bit hasty to the newbies, but solid intuition can get you through all the difficulties and let promote your Instagram profile.

8 Simple Steps to Grow Your Instagram Followers


Grow Your Instagram Followers

You’ll be simply amazed to know that over 41 million phots are being shared on Instagram per day. And over 8, 000 likes are being pressed per second along with 1,100 comments. Pretty extraordinary, isn’t it? The data shows how fascinatingly Instagram is growing bigger day by day. If you just write, best way to get Instagram followers, you’ll obviously find tons of blogs and website discussing on getting more Instagram followers. By comprehending the overall demand and constant reputation, many startups and giants have already initiated using Instagram for business. Not only that, Instagram has recently introduced sponsored ad facility. For what, you can now grow your follower on Instagram with lessen effort.

The following 8 simple steps would likely to help to grow your Instagram followers at a steady rate. So, let’s not waste any more words directly go through the procedures to increase Instagram followers.

1.  Share humanized, relatable photos & Right Filters

Do you know what most popular Instagram account holders have in common? They share extremely personal and relatable photos, which can’t be duplicated and tell a story as well. Through such attitude they get follower every day and the followers tend to follow him/her distinctively. To grow your Instagram followers, you should make sure your soon-to-be posted photos are suddenly captured. So that, people get a vibe, those pictures are not perfect but unique. Try to use a certain filter for showcasing distinctive sentiment. Instagram community tends to get attracted certain photo filters. The most popular picture filters on Instagram are,

  • Normal / No Filter
  • Earlybird
  • Valencia
  • Amaro
  • X-Pro II
  • Hudson
  • Rise
  • Hefe
  • Lo-fi
  • Sierra

Photo size or resolution was a matter of concern for those who were using Instagram for business. Instagram photo size were 612px by 612px, but it’s then modified to 640px by 640px. The size was constant till July, 2015, when the whole Instagram Image size switched to 1080px by 1080px to cope up with the high resolution displays of smart accessories. These days.


2.  Be a Tag Junky with Proper Hashtags

Besides getting more Instagram followers, your goal shall be to engage concurrent audience. Though you’ve to post relevant and interesting photos, another best way to get Instagram follower is to use hashtag. Just use a few and you’d find how extremely important it is to satisfy your prior requirement. Most of the time, people search with a certain number of hashtag. So, use as much accordant hashtags as possible and people will find you.

Now, the question appears, which hashtags you should put along images.

It’s pretty similar with Twitter or other social sites, as there are some definite hashtags to use regularly in order to get noticed. By posting images with right hashtags, you’re much more leaning to reach new followers. According to Webstagram, the 20 top Instagram hashtags are given below. And the beside mentioned posts number are personally checked.


#love – 879,963,468 posts

#instagood – 459,981,592 posts

#photooftheday – 336,251,002 posts

#tbt – 334,996,221 posts

#cute – 322,341,474 posts

#me – 316,609,304 posts

#beautiful – 307,424,188 posts

#happy – 303,716,353 posts

#followme – 293,886,452 posts

#follow – 290,997,023 posts

#picoftheday – 254,695,037 posts

#selfie – 253,854,372 posts

#tagsforlikes – 238,708,371 posts

#girl – 231,284,012 posts

#friends – 224,265,287 posts

#like – 220,074,911 posts

#instadaily – 219,439,965 posts

#fun – 213,592,651 posts

#smile – 206,638,776 posts

#igars – 190,699,827 posts


Instagram search engine is 2x more powerful than Twitter, as people amplify it to look for fascinating photos. In general, use 3 hashtag. As per the latest buzz, people tend to consider a photo “spammy”, if more than 3 hashtags are being used. So, be careful about these hashtags and grow your followers on Instagram.


3.  Post at the Right Days & Time

In order to engage maximum number of your audience as well as gain more followers, find out the time zone that most of your audience follow and in which period of a day, they check in their account. Due to high mobility, there are actually no specific or favorite time for users. Typically, the engagement rate seems high on Wednesday at 5 pm to 6 pm and it’s rather similar for Thursday. Though majority of the users surf through Instagram in their free house like their way home from work, waking up from bed at morning or even Sundays.

Usually, any post on Instagram gets lost from the news feed within four hours. So, post your photos when most of the users likely to sign in and observe. For instance, if your targeted audience is corporate professional, post photos at the afternoon or evening when they are on their lunch break or returning home from office. Post with relevant hashtags that people can relate to, when the prior concern is to grow your Instagram followers of you’re using Instagram for business.


4.  Connect with Facebook Account

May be you’re new to Instagram, but you have account in other social networking sits like Facebook, Twitter etc. right? Or, you may have personal blog. Tell about your Instagram account there and your honest followers will follow you in Instagram also. Thankfully, Facebook bought Instagram for$1 billion dollars few months back. So, you can share your photos on Facebook too while posting in Instagram. Your friends and followers at Facebook can see your Instagram account from the links integrated with shared photos. And by the way, you’ll get notification for any your Facebook friends who have recently signed up Instagram Account. Follow them and get following back. If you’re new, then pick “follow all” option for your Facebook friends in Instagram. People will know you’re here, and in a minute, you can earn quite a few followers.


5.  GeoTag Your Photos

I often find people discussing about how to promote your business on Instagram in different forums. It’s pretty simple actually. Geotag the photos. If you’re the owner or an executive of a cool restaurant, you can post the images of delicious food by Geotagging it. That you, other people with same Geotag can see your photo and eventually follow you or your restaurant. Image how much reputation it’d bring for your business and promote your Instagram profile? Geotagging is tagging a photo with location, just like Facebook.


6.  Start Following Right People and Leave Meaningful Comment

Grow your Instagram followers by following right people, which is fortunately one of the finest approaches. They will mark you, check you out in time to time and eventually they get interested. Try to follow audience with really good images and interesting sense of humor. Put meaning comments in their photos. Don’t just go for statements like, Cool, Cute or Nice. These are welcome but not strong enough get you noticed, as your main concern is getting more Instagram followers. By commenting with meaningful sentence, you can catch the attention from both the account holder and his/hers followers. Praise their work through comment. They will likely to visit your profile and chances are high they come your followers too. If you do as per said above, you’ll get feedback like the following points.

  • Follow: 14% follow-back
  • Follow + Like: 22% follow-back
  • Follow + Like + Comment: 34% follow-back


7.  Be Active to the Right Audience!

Don’t waste too many time on popular pages or celebrity people’s profile. That’s not the right mindset to grow your followers on Instagram. As those accounts already popular and well established, it’s less likely to get noticed from them. So, be active on your existing followers and post interesting images with related hashtags. When you’ll be more active on your current audience, like their photos and share comments, there are high chances they will do the same. And their followers will also get your images in their search home.


8.  Sponsor Posts

So far we’ve talked regarding some manual efforts to optimize your Instagram Profile. And till now you’ve perceive the ways to increase followers for Instagram free of cost. But if you really wish to make an impact, while using Instagram for business, that isn’t going to be a cost free process. You’ll have to post to other, particularly the large accounts in your niche and exhibit your product or brand to a large number of audience. So, how can you do that?

First of all, forget all the steps described above, because what I’m going to say isn’t free of cost. But if you do as per I said, it’s good value. To get started, you need to prepare a list of all the popular accounts in your niche. You may already be following tem, but to get in touch with all of them, use tools like Webstagram and find missing accounts with proper hashtags. While looking for niche profile, see a few things such as,

  • Large following – Usually 20k-200k
  • An email address in the profile

Email address usually means that they are open to sponsor. Since you’re trying to sell a unique product like beauty product, gym accessories, food ingredients, and they’ve a large number of following community, those accounts are going to be a great source of your business and grow your Instagram followers. Depending on their size of following, the average rate to be around $20-$50 per post.


Automate Your Daily Efforts

I’m not going to have any large discussion regarding the tools here. The best tools to promote your Instagram are,

Schedugram – Schedule your Instagram post for the most engaging times.

Populagram – Find popular hashtags, filters and people.

Webstagram – Find the best hashtags for your posts and people for your sponsored posts.

IconoSquare – Info, analytics and insights into your account and followers.


In this post, we discussed about each single procedure of getting more Instagram followers whether you’re using that photo sharing network for personal usage or using Instagram for business. It’s getting sheer popularity day by day. So, put more effort to grow your followers on Instagram. Last but not least, in case of any confusions concerning those steps to grow your Instagram followers, feel free to knock us. And you’re more than welcome to put a comment below and let us know your valuable opinion. Share this post with your own circle and let them cherish on Instagram.

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